Plants for Food & Healing, Nov. 2

Plants for Food & Healing

Native Americans used plants every day for food, medicine, arts and crafts, and dyeing. They used boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum) to break fevers by heavy sweating, and elder (Sambucus canadensis) to treat colds. They harvested, cooked, and ate the taproots of burdock (Arctium) and the leaves of dandelions (Taraxacum officinale).

Lesley Wooler, an experienced herbalist, will explain the many ways these and other native plants were used. Ms. Wooler, who owns The Herb Wyfe (now at Belmont Market in Wakefield), earned a bachelor’s degree in horticulture from URI and served on the Northeast Herbal Association Council for ten years. She has taught herbal, aromatherapy, and gardening classes throughout New England for more than twenty years.